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Tire storage, sales and repair

Tire changes and tire services

Need to repair a tire? No problem!

Remorques O Bedard is proud to announce its latest services to its growing client base. We offer tire changes for all all vehicles from Size 13” tires til 23” at good pricing whether they are on or off rims! All tires we change, we make sure to balance them in order for the best possible drive. We make sure to do the best work on our clients tires in order to keep themselves and their families safe on the roads.

Also, we rotate tires for you in order to make sure that the tires wear are being balanced on all tires rather than having one more wear than the other. The rotation of tires is very important in order to maximize the condition of all four tires, helps with balance and the traction of the tires.

Furthermore, we store winter & summer tires for our clients during the seasons! Our storage services we offer to our clients help them free up space in their homes & not have to hassle with moving them around.

We take care of any flat tires that you may have encountered. Contact us, book a same day appointment and we will get the flat tire fixed. Whether it needs to be replaced or repaired, we will take care of it.

Tire Changes (on rims)

  • 13-15 | $44,95
  • 16-18 | $54,95
  • 19-21 | $69,95

Tire changes (off rims)

  • 13-15 | $49,95
  • 16-18 | $64,95
  • 19-21 | $74,95

Tire Storage

  • Sizes : 13 inch to 16 inch $50,00 for season
  • 17 inch to 23 inch $60,00 for season