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Snowplow, tractor & snow blower repairs

Tractors, Snowplows, and Snowblower repairs

Make sure your tractors, snow blower & snow plow are in prime shape to serve clients for winter!

Our Quebec winters put snow removal companies’ equipment to the ultimate test year after year…

What does this mean for people or companies that rely heavily on snow plow or tractors? It means parts are going to break.

At Remorques O Bédard, we are able to repair, reinforce, and maintain tractors, snowplows and blowers on your tractors and / or snow removal equipment on pick-up trucks. In addition, we customize reinforcement supports and install them on the snow removal trucks so they are solid when removing snow!

We also offer repair services on excavators, landscaping or contractor equipment!

Regular maintenance on your tractor, plow, snow blower is crucial!

Before repairing a snowplow, tractor or snowblower, consider maintenance. Like everything, a well-maintained tractor trailer plow will last much longer than a snowplow, tractor or snowblower that is not well maintained. Save money, consider maintenance!

For all your repair needs on tractors, snowplows, snow blowers or other equipment.

Remorques O. Bédard is your expert!

Customer Satisfaction is important to us!