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Trailer repair

Trailer Service, Repair & Parts

We know more than a thing or two about trailer repairs. To ensure your trailer proper servicing, repairs and parts, call on our experts today!

At Remorques O. Bédard, we have a team of specialized and trained technicians to repair your trailer according to well-established quality standards. We have a lot of parts on site in stock, as well have suppliers ready for quick shipping and can therefore repair or service your trailer quickly.

Trailer hitch repair Montréal Remorques O Bédard

As for the maintenance of your trailer, at Remorques O. Bédard, our experts know what needs to be done and get it done for you without you having to worry about anything on the road!

Is the suspension of your trailer being not what it used to be? Have the lights stopped working or broke? Do you find the swinging strange? Have not had your bearings greased in a while? Or find that your tires have worn out? For trailer maintenance or repairs, we have the expertise to be able to help you effectively maintain your trailer and get the job done.

We specialize in trailer repairs and also rebuilding trailers to bring it value. Our technicians have developed an expertise that allows them to quickly find the problem that there is, and therefore to be able to make an effective and quality repair on your trailer in order for you to enjoy it.

Trailer repairs

  • Repair of the electric and hydraulic brakes of your trailer
  • Repair of drum or disc brakes
  • Repair of complete trailer electrical systems (wiring, heating and ventilation systems)
  • Replacement of interior floors
  • Steel welding for frame or door
  • Torsion, blade or air suspension
  • Axles
  • Leaf Springs
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Locking chains
  • Couplers

    Trailer maintenance / service

    Maintaining your trailer is important for road safety and to ensure whatever you are towing remains properly supported!
    Before repairing a trailer, there is maintenance. As with everything, a well-maintained trailer will last much longer than a trailer that has been used for years without any maintenance. A maintenance check should be done at least once or twice a year depending on how often it is being used or stored.

    The maintenance consists in part of:

    • Checking and greasing the bearings, replacing seals, etc.
    • Cleaning brakes
    • Inspect the hitch coupler and jackstand
    • Test the wiring and lights
    • Inspecting tires
    • Inspecting axle, leaf springs and brackets.

    To have your trailer maintenance done, contact us today. Remorques O Bédard in Montreal is your expert! Because your satisfaction is important to us!

    Trailer parts

    We always recommend all clients to have the services done by experts like us, as we have all the necessary tools and measures to get the job done in a proper way. However, we can always sell the parts to you at very good pricing.

    For parts, we require accurate information or to bring the parts for us to take a look at what needs to be ordered. Our parts can be ready for pick up in as quick as 24 hours of the day of the order.

    • Tires (with or without rims)
    • Axles
    • Lights
    • Complete breakaway switches
    • Jackstands
    • Leaf springs
    • Spindles
    • Hubs, bearings, seals, caps, cotter pins, etc.
    • Spring mounting brackets
    • Hydraulic lines
    • Electric and Hydraulic brakes (complete assemby)
    • Brake shoes & drums
    • Wiring harnesses

    Any other part your trailer would require

    For all your hitch repair needs...

    ...trust the team at Remorques O. Bédard to get the job done!

    …trust the team at Remorques O. Bédard to get the job done!
    We take customer satisfaction to heart!