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General & Custom Welding

Welding, Repair & Fabrication

General & Custom Welding in Montreal | For all of your metal, steel & aluminum welding projects

When you need to bend, customize or weld any sorts of metal, we are the ones to come too! We make any broken or old equipment, trailers or parts come back to life!

We offer welding services to our clients. Whether it is a custom piece you want made or fixed, vehicles, trailer, heavy machinery or equipment, we will get it done. Have a broken part on your equipment or vehicle and want it put back together, we use proper techniques to put it back like it was!

Our team specializes in welding on all vehicles, equipment, tractors, snowplows, trailers and any metal products. Our shop is equipped with well-maintained and top-quality welding and work machines that will get any job that needs to be done on your vehicle, trailer, tractors, snowplows, equipment’s or metals.

We also work alongside industries that require manufacturing for large quantities of custom pieces as per their designs. Whether they are small or big, send us the design and we will fabricate them and send it out to you for your satisfaction.

We are ready to do any repair job that requires any sort of welding, bending, torching, etc! Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

NEW in 2020 at Remorques O. Bédard – Aluminum welding

Due to an increase in demand we have begun to accept applications that require aluminum welding. Common aluminum applications we service for can include:

Auto (frames & trailers), Boats, Construction, Drawn & spun parts, Fasteners & fittings, General fabrication, Machined parts, Piping, Recreation equipment, Sheet metal work, Storage tanks.

For all of your custom welding needs...

Remorques O. Bédard is there with torch in hand!

We can weld large amounts of metal parts for all of your large volume needs!