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Chassis Repair

At Remorques O. Bédard we are welding and repair specialists with experience and offer services to repair vehicle frames, vehicle chassis, intermodal chassis, crossmembers, etc.

Whether damaged or broken completely, we also repair chassis equipment regularly on our repair site or in our garage. We reinforce them in order for you to operate your business of shipments without any problems. With the top experienced team and equipment, we can handle your intermodal chassis with care whether it is double axle or tri-axle in order for it to unto standards of operating your shipments / transportation.

Contact our office to book an appointment in order to have your intermodal chassis repaired, reinforced or custom adjustments made to your equipment in order for you to operate your business without any stress whatsoever. Let us do the hard work on your equipment in order for you to continue running your business without any worries!