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Hitch repair & installation, custom welding, chassis repair & more!

Welding & Custom-Fabrication

We offer general welding services to our clients. We can fabricate custom metal pieces specific to your needs in our shop. Furthermore, we put together and reinforce broken metal equipment that has snapped due to wear and tear that over time has become weak.

Our team specializes in welding on:

  • Vehicles
  • Pick-ups
  • Tractors
  • Snow-blowers
  • Snow-plows
  • Trailers
  • Metal Equipment

We are equipped with all sorts of equipment in order to maintain your vehicles, trailers or equipment to the best possible shape we can. Adding reinforcements to your pick-up trucks frame, snow plows, or any other equipment, at O Bedard, we manage to have it done, the right way.

Furthermore, we offer production services to offer companies who need production of big quantities of products in order for them to serve their clients. Any sort of custom metal pieces in a big quantity, we do it all. We just require the drawings, and the sizing for the product and we handle the rest! Contact our team today to have your work done.

Repairs of chassis, and frames

Living in Montreal can be tough as the snow, salt and freezing weather at times can have an impact to the frame, chassis or other parts of your vehicle. Thus, rather than having to go around searching for a new car due to the damages done on your car or struggling to find the right place to repair it, come by to Remorques O Bedard, we specialize in the repairs of your vehicles, or trailers in order to repair the frames or chassis whether it is needed to pass inspection or just to maintain your car for a longer time. We make sure to use the proper equipment in order to get the job done.

We also offer repairs for your intermodal chassis which may require reinforcements or welding in order to have it properly hauling your container loads and maintained for a longer time. Contact our team today and we will put together good terms for your companies fleet which may require any type of repairs or welding.

We are well-known for our repair services as we have top of the line equipment and the right people to get the job done at reasonable pricing and time! Wait no longer, contact us today and let us give you a quotation to repair your frame, chassis or any other repairs that your car may require!

SAAQ Inspections

At O Bédard, our team specializes in having any refused SAAQ inspections or pre SAAQ inspection repaired to the best of its ability in order for it to pass the inspection. Whether it is a rusted or damaged chassis, frame, cross membrane or any other vehicle, pick-up or trailer repair that is required, we do it all, and on a deadline if required.

Year-round we have tons of clients who have been required to have work done per the SAAQ inspection, thus we are known for our quality services in order for clients to pass their SAAQ inspection without any problem. We are there by your side from start until you pass the inspection

Come down to our office or contact us to book an appointment and get the work done in order to avoid any fines or penalties from the SAAQ.

Sales and Installations of Hitches

In addition to repairing trailers, we also sell hitches, and electrical wiring for our clients, dealerships and garage shops. The process of having a hitch installed is very quick & very beneficial for your vehicle. Having a hitch on your car helps you travel around with a bike rack, trailer or pull whatever you may want according to the weight the hitch can lift. For sales & installation of hitches, contact our offices to receive all the information to guide you through a hitch on your car! A hitch comes with a lot more than just the hitch in order to be secure when you are pulling a trailer with weight on the road. Wiring, brake controllers and much more!

We offer a variety of fasteners, supports and services, including installation, repair, inspection and treatment. We hold all types of fasteners and supports imaginable, for your personal, utility or commercial needs. We offer a variety of fasteners depending on the weight you need to carry and the class of vehicle you drive. If the fastener model you need does not exist, we will tailor it for you. Our bike racks can safely transport one, two or even up to eight bikes. Transport your bikes with the top of the line, and safest bike rakes (racks?) from the top distributors!

We also supply for your hitches:

  • Connectors
  • Mirror extensions
  • Stabilizer bars
  • Ladder supports
  • Trays and coupling boxes

No model is suitable for your vehicle? We’ll make it for you!

If there is no hitch on the market for your vehicle, we will be happy to take the measurements and make a custom fastener that will fit your vehicle perfectly.

We also manufacture hitches for trailers.

Hitch towing capacity – We have trailer hitches ranging in capacity from 2,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds.

  • Class I: 2,000 pound pull capacity
  • Class II: 3,500 pound pull capacity
  • Class III: pulling capacity from 3,500 lbs to 10,000 lbs

Weight – The weight of your model (including load) determines the hitch category you should use.

Your vehicle – There are different trailer hitches and hitches for different vehicles.

All of our trailer hitch couplings are treated against rust, so your hitch will be durable and stay strong. In addition, the hitches for our trailers that we sell all have removable bars.

If you are not sure which trailer hitch is right for your vehicle and the type of trailer and load you are going to transport, our technicians can advise you on choosing the best trailer hitch according to your specific needs.


Trailer repairs in Montreal – For the maintenance and repair of your quality trailer, Remorques O. Bédard

To ensure you get a quality repair, call our experts!

At Remorques O. Bédard, we have a team of specialized and trained technicians to repair your trailer according to well-established quality standards. We have a lot of spare parts on site and can therefore repair quickly.
As for the maintenance of your trailer, at Remorques O. Bédard, we know it!

Do you have a trailer or tent trailer and, after having stored it all winter, want to make sure it is in good condition? Our experts will be happy to carry out an inspection of your trailer, tent trailer or trailer. You can then decide whether to entrust the repair to us or if you prefer to do it yourself.

In addition, we maintain a large stock of parts, accessories and devices, which ensures that you can benefit from your equipment as quickly as possible and will avoid the race to various retailers.

The suspension of your trailer is not what it used to be? Have the indicators stopped working? Do you find the swinging strange? For trailer maintenance or adjustment, we have the expertise to be able to help you effectively.

We specialize in trailer repairs. Our technicians have developed an expertise that allows them to quickly find the problem that there is, and therefore to be able to make an effective and quality repair on your trailer. We know about repair!

What we do as repairs:

  • Repair of the electric and hydraulic brakes of your trailer
  • Repairing drum or disc brakes
  • Repair of complete trailer electrical systems (wiring, heating and ventilation systems)
  • Hydraulic and mechanical boom systems, etc.
  • Replacement of interior floors
  • Welding of steel
  • Rolling
  • Torsion, blade or air suspension
  • Addition, change and repair of suspensions
  • Addition of additional axles
  • Repair following an accident (insurance)
  • Replacement of coupling plates
  • Repair of air systems
  • Repair of lights

If you require just the parts for your trailers, we can also provide you with them at good prices however we recommend any work being done on your trailers to have it done with our professionals in order to have it done properly and for the repair to be done with the required equipment & tools.

We specialize in trailer repairs. Our technicians have developed an expertise that allows them to quickly find the problem that there is, and therefore to be able to make an effective and quality repair on your trailer. We know about repair!

We also offer services for your trailer tires. Have your tires run out of tread? Or have you all of a sudden ran into a flat tire? Come to our garage and let us mount top quality tires on to your trailer which will last you a very long time for a very good price. Let our professionals maintain your trailer in order for you to have it for a very long time!

At Remorques O Bedard, from April til October, we rent trailers sized 8×4 to our clients in order to transport what they need! Our trailer rentals begin at only $49.99 + tax! For further details, contact us at our offices.

When you rent a trailer from us, one of our professionals will assist you in order to install a hitch, the wiring, brake controller and any other equipment on your vehicle if required for you in order for you to have a safe transport.